In many of my recent Ludum Dare games and recent prototypes, I have fallen in love with the low poly art style. I particularly enjoy the clean low poly look without any textures other than distinct colors being assigned to faces.

Following my Ludum Dare 43 game named Blót, I continued to model some enemies for an upcoming post Ludum Dare version of the game.

I recorded the entire modeling, rigging, weight painting, and animation process which took me a couple of hours to do, including narrating the entire process in minute detail. I try to mention all the keyboard shortcut, tips and tricks that I used for low poly modeling in Blender. I also used the Blender Screencast Keys addon so you can see all the keystrokes and mouse actions.

The following week, I broke the process into 11 separate episodes that I kept in real-time so you can follow along during the entire process.

Here are the resulting series of YouTube videos:

I hope you find this series of videos useful and that it helps you in the process of creating low poly art for your games. The world needs more low poly!

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Thanks once again, and happy gamedeving!